Half day

The last couple of weeks we have been learning about fractions. We have been using fruit to cut, and colouring in portions of paper.

We know that something is a half when both parts are the same size. We know that if we fold a piece of paper in half and then in half again we create quarters.

We found shapes in the environment and partitioned them into halves, quarters and eighths.


Half day was great fun. People dressed up and we all ate some beautiful fruits and vegetables.



Werribee Zoee

We had a fantastic time on our excursion to Werribee Zoo!

The weather was fantastic and we learnt so much.

Here are some of the facts that we learnt and our opinions too.


  • Giraffes clean their ears with their tongue.
  • We learnt what sound the zebra makes.
  • Rhinos face outwards when they are sleeping because a predator could attack.
  • Rhinos have very good hearing.
  • An antelope can jump 3 meters high.
  • Crocodiles can stay very still.
  • Rhinos talk with their poo.
  • Hippos can hold their breath under water for 10 minutes.
  • Giraffe’s tongues are blue.
  • Hippo’s lips are fatter and harder than our lips.
  • Lion cubs sleep 20 hours a day.



  • I thought the ostriches were funny.
  • I thought the camels a funny.
  • I think white horses are the fastest.
  • I never thought there were going to be camels.
  • I thought that zebras were white with black stripes.
  • My favourite animals were the hippos.
  • My favourite animals were the lion cubs.
  • My favourite animals were the bunnies.
  • My favourite thing at Werribee Zoo was the Safari bus.

A big thanks to Lucinda, Cathy and Matt for helping out on the day.

Urban Camp

On Friday night all the grade 2s gathered at Urban Camp for the grade 2 sleepover. There were games inside and a night walk. They had supper and a movie in their PJs.

We kept them up late in the hope that they would then go straight to sleep. Our plan didn’t really work but I think there was some sleep between 11pm at 5am.

Then it was breakfast in the morning.

Bedtime story night

An absolute highlight of grade 1s at BSWPS is Bedtime Story Night. Getting to come to school when it is dark, dressed in your pjs and listen to stories and have milo and fruit is just so exciting. It is also great to see the teachers in their pjs!

Here are the lovely grade 1s from Anya’s class.

Cooking with our spinach

Today we used the wonderful spinach that has been growing in our garden to make Cheese and Spinach Twists. It is such a simple recipe and so good to eat.

What you need:

spinach, cheese, puff pastry

  1. Cut the puff pastry into strips.
  2. Add the spinach and cheese to each strip and fold over and twist
  3. Put in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Thanks so much to the parent helpers Anna, Lucinda and Cathy!

Book week!

We love books! We love reading, we love being read to, we love sharing books, laughing at books and crying at books.

We had some wonderful charaters in our classroom on Monday. Here are just a few…

A week of wonderful inquiry

We spent all week exploring different ways force impacts on a range of materials in a range of settings. We explored how water is used to push things along, how wind is used to slow the pull of gravity, how friction affects the rate in which a car can go down a ramp and the force that is contained in magnets that pull things to them and repel things.




Teacher for a lesson

Last week the grade 2s taught the rest of the class for a lesson. They taught some interesting lessons that came from things they were interested in. We learned how to play golf, we did a science experiment, worked on scratch, did some songs and rhymes and thought about what was going on inside a character’s head.

The grade 2s were extremely confident and it was a really fun week. Well done!






100th day of school

Yes, we have made it half way through the year!

It has been great counting up to day 100. Each day we talk about what the number will look like, whether it is odd or even and what it looks like in unifix blocks.

Day 100 was quite a celebration. We did some activities with our buddies, made 100 with various items from the classroom and used the supermarket catalogue to decide what we would buy with $100.

We also went outside and did 10 x 10 exercises and worked with a partner to see how many times we could throw and catch a ball in 100 seconds.

Making something out of 100 kapla blocks.

Making a paper chain with 100 links.

Ten groups of ten things.

Create, create create!

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